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Categories we look for: classic rock, indie, punk, metal, 
jazz, soul, r&b, blues, world, folk, reggae, electronic, sound fx, halloween fx/music, soundtracks, oddities and more.
 We buy 33s and 45s, but rarely buy 78s.

We DO NOT generally buy: Time Life sets, crooners,
 show tunes, big band. We have plenty in storage. (Although I have a soft spot for Tiki style music) 
Records that are water damaged from sitting in a moldy basement!
Please do not get angry if we don't want/need your collections,Thanks!

What we pay: We add up how much we can sell your stuff for and give you 30% cash OR 35% credit

Condition: We rarely buy records in less than Very Good* condition,
unless it is a very desirable album. Please bring records 
with only light signs of use with no serious scratches, 
warps or cracks. We DO NOT buy records that are missing 
their cover, unless they were issued as such.

Bottom Line: Don't bring in records that YOU wouldn't 
want to buy yourself!
*Keep in mind, we will accept your old unwanted 
records for our famous FREE BIN!
This will keep them out of the landfills!!