12" Vinyl Records
Nearly 20 thousand Garage,Surf, Rock, Punk, New Wave, Country, Lounge, Indie, Classical, Oldies & Strange Sound FX Records!
Fill out the Request Form  if you need something in particular
7" Vinyl Records
1000's of these little devils to choose from! Old & New Rock, Country, Funk, R&B, Garage, Surf! You name it!! SPECIAL ORDERS FOR 7" AS WELL!
Compact Discs
Not as many of these but have some! Hit me up and I will let you know what I got! Much local Detroit music!
8 Track Tapes
That's right!! I still have a few of these for your VW Micro-bus!! They sure look cool and still function!  
Record Cleaners/ wipes, Adapters, Bags, Sleeves, Spindles, Cases, Headphones, Record Crates etc
So, your old turntable has issues, or "Dude, my brother took mine and traded it for a crusty old skateboard!" Well now you have a place to pick up a way cool retro style 'all in one' platter player!
Many styles to choose! From a company that has been building great sound for decades, CROSLEY!
Come in and take a take spin!
Buy any NEW CROSLEY turntable and get $10.00 in free records!
Pinback Buttons
100s of way cool 1" and 1.25" pins! Rock, Zombies, Godzilla, Horror, Silly and much much more MOST @ $1.00 ea. Larger sizes may cost more! Come in and see what we have. YOU WILL DIG 'EM!
Go figure, these nasty things have made a bit of a 
comback!!! We have some rare 70s-90 rock, punk, new wave gems to choose from!
Stickers to scare your friends!!!
Slap these ghastly things on your favorite axe, skateboard, bike or stinky rat rod!!
Weatherproof so they will last a long time!
Many styles and artists available!
Large Stickers $5.00 ea
Small Stickers $2.50 ea